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3-ingredient functional protein balls

When sifting through the grocery store and locating an item that lures you in, the most important step to decide if it belongs in your cart is to read the ingredients label. This is where the information truly lies and what has an immediate impact with just one bite.

I started making these for my family to persuade them that you don’t need any flavoring agents, refined sugar, flour, and 10+ added ingredients to satisfy them.

functional protein ball recipe:

• 1 cup of organic, raw, & stoneground (sprouted if you’re extra) nut butter

• roughly 2 tablespoons filtered / clean water

Combine all the ingredients together, and mix well to combine. Form dough into balls. Repeat the process until all the dough has been used. Store in fridge. Enjoy!

Reprogramming the buzzwords: Plant-based, organic, vegan, DF, & GF, quite often translate to highly processed.

Simple, yet effective steps to revolutionize your one-whole system:

• eliminate seed, soy, canola, corn, and vegetable oils from your diet

• eliminate artificial sweetener / refined sugar, "sugar-free" agents

• strive for foods from nature, not the lab

• read the ingredients label

Create, discover, and share.

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