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the poison that lurks in our daily "health" foods

Discover the hidden elements that may be taking over your pantry.

Since being introduced in 1974, the herbicide known as glyphosate (under the trade name “RoundUp”) has become the most prominent carcinogenic poison that lurks in our daily conventional food and water.

Plant foods, which are marketed as one of the healthiest foods to consume, have become depleted, scorched, & contaminated. Among the list of plant foods, these conventionally grown crops contain the highest levels of glyphosate.

• Almonds

• Apples

• Grapes

• Sunflowers

• Rice

• Whole Wheat

• Oats

• Beans

Makes you wonder, are genetics really our destiny?

After being labeled a Class C Carcinogen by the EPA, we now recognize that glyphosate poisons our cells just as it does to weeds. Peer-reviewed journals across the board expose glyphosate to be directly linked to a plethora of modern diseases like cancer. The complexity of the relationship between something like cancer and the infamous weedkiller has created a deeper story than what’s on the surface.

Evidence strongly shows that glyphosate leads to:

- Compromised beneficial gut bacteria

- Various types of cancer

- Increased infant mortality

- Birth defects

- Infertility

- Metabolic dysfunction

- Reproductive issues such as miscarriages

Source: The Detox Project. (2022, February 22). The poison in our daily bread: Glyphosate contamination is widespread in Essential Foods. The Detox Project.

Your money votes for health or illness:

- Look for a glyphosate-free certification when shopping

- Strive for real-food organic items

- Soak produce in apple cider vinegar + water

My purpose is to help educate and provide clarity on critical elements in how we navigate our path to wellbeing and vitality. In a world full of sly marketing claims and lengthy ingredients labels, we must encourage one another to actively strive for better health and environmental restoration.

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