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When you find your passion, you truly never work a day in your life.  With years of experience in functional medicine, we fully understand the relationship of food and its impact on the cellular level.


We have engraved and overworked trust - trust in agencies, influencers, the food industry, and restaurants to promote and protect our health. The idea that our own choices have the power to heal and lead us to achieve our best selves has slowly slipped away, and I'm on a mission to re-establish that. To drive change not only for my generation but for those who follow after, by helping you to obtain the right tools and seek the best knowledge we all have the confidence to trust in ourselves. 

I currently work in a care-collaborative functional medicine team at Therapeutic Health Associates steering our functional nutrition discourse. Leveraging on functional labs establishes the podium for targeted nutrition at the personalized level. 


Every day we wake up, it's our choice to vote toward a better future for ourselves and the community we're a part of.  Let's learn, create, and discover more together to free ourselves from the overwhelming aisles of trusted grocery stores and restaurants. When you discover something that brightens your soul, you want to share that with others.

With functional health,

Aleksandra Mihailovic

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