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Peak State Organic Mushroom Coffee


health starts in your home

Peak State Coffee With Benefits: Full spectrum for a clean, revitalizing sip : Code PWP30 for discount

mold-free, mycotoxin-free, organic, no pesticides, regenerative farming approach, etc

Nail Polish

non-toxic, sophisticated nail polish that’s tested safe for all ages + FREE from all harsh chemicals

Piggy Paint Nontoxic Nail Polish
Elements Orange Chocolate
Elements Functional Chocolate Bar
Elements Truffles Functional Chocolate
Elements Rose Chocolate

Ayuverda Powered

organic ingredients are certified safe from heavy metals and free from dairy, refined sugar, soy, additives, gluten or anything artificial


Behind the Label

We believe convenience doesn’t have to compromise health. All of our products are carefully selected to ensure they align with our core values. Clean, simple, and functional ingredients. It’s not about eliminating but rather replacing foods.



locally sourced

Plate With Purpose is an educational base to guide you to a direct link to innovative products, recipes, and household items created intentionally and without overwhelming ingredient labels and marketing claims. We want to provide the light that it is possible to enjoy life with dietary limitations or a lifestyle that seeks real-food alternatives that offer nourishment.


New products and discoveries are continuously being added. Items we feature are meticulously third-party tested for mold, mycotoxins, pesticides heavy metals like cadmium, arsenic, and backed by innovators, research and credentials. Our functional lens allows us to not only see food as food, but instead as information. Uniting our spiritual, social, and physiological landscape.

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