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PACHA bread review - the marketing label that doesn't lie

Updated: Jan 21

Finally, a bread that is FREE from all the major allergens, FREE from the deceiving health-wrecking ingredients, and FREE from unrecognizable ingredients that tell another story!

When working with patients and clients, I’m eager to elevate each individualized functional nutrition plan. Labs come back, answers are exposed, and results loading. It's common to feel a breeze of overwhelming thoughts fed to the mind with an emotional surge. We are human- alive with a pulse, feelings and emotions. For most people, the biggest "fear" of letting their comfort food go is the loss of satisfaction, culture, and social interactions. "Great, I can't have bread anymore - I'm sensitive to gluten, yeast, teff, millet, wheat, rice, bran, barley, etc." But it doesn't have to be that way.

“Give them the tools.”

When diving deeper with each individual, I’m passionate in busting the myths you may tell yourself and encourage you that it is possible to enjoy life with dietary limitations or a lifestyle that seeks real-food alternatives. You can still eat "bread" and the standard American foods - the replacements will just be more nutritionally-rich, compliant to your functional lab panels, beneficial to the internal landscape, and created with a purpose. Food is more than just calories, it's information. This makes it the most important chemical signal that instructs our body how to function. Not every animal or plant is raised, treated and cared for the same.

showcase the product

When you discover something that brightens your soul, you want to share that feeling with others. This is what happened when I discovered PACHA bread. For years, I was on the hunt to find the cleanest, nutrient-rich allergen-friendly bread alternative to showcase my family, friends, and community with. I was successful on finding the alternatives, but I felt there was more, something better out there waiting for me. It finally happened. I topped the previous simple ingredient, allergen-friendly bread swaps with one that's built on regenerative agriculture, created with just two ingredients, and leads by innovation to change the way we see bread.

let's give PACHA a go

Before recommending new finds, I test the item out with my family. Their health and longevity is of upmost of importance and the reason why I continue to go deeper and stronger in the functional medicine field. The PACHA bread was an instant hit - knowing exactly what information I was gifting to my body offered a peace of mind to my experience. With each bite, you can feel the nourishment released from the invigorating functional ingredients. For my dad, PACHA was a win as well - realizing it's possible to enjoy bread without compromising health. Harping on gluten, glyphosate, GMOs, refined sugar, canola oil, and other inflammatory ingredients commonly snuck into the bread-making process, then providing the replacement rewards itself.

PACHA bread ingredients: the grain-free fruit seed

Buckwheat sourdough loaf - sprouted, fermented, and easy-to-digest

  • organic sprouted buckwheat (loaded with antioxidants, luminous magnesium profile, and profound source of functional polyphenols: source)

  • sea salt

That's it. No binders, fillers, or gums.

crafted with intention

Essentially, any food processed with extreme heat destroys the naturally occurring enzymes and makes it harder for the body to digest. Sprouting helps to reduce phytic acid, which serves as the main form of storage for phosphorus in the seeds. As humans, we can suffer from indigestion and autoimmune reactions from unsprouted foods and overconsumption of plant defense chemicals. Why? We aren’t designed to break down these plant compounds that have the potential to lock up, deplete, or block essential vitamins, minerals, and, nutrients. High levels of phytic acid can reduce the assimilation of calcium, magnesium, copper, iron, and zinc. (source)

The benefits of sprouting or soaking plant foods (nuts, seeds, legumes, etc.) encourage enzyme activation, support functional digestion, and allow for quality absorption of the essential micronutrients. It is critical for the body to efficiently absorb, process, and transfer the information of what we eat. Malabsorption, the inadequate assimilation of nutrients, is a commonly overlooked culprit to poor functioning digestion, micronutrient deficiencies, and imbalance in the gut terrain.

ways you can use your PACHA bread

  • with a drizzle of EVOO and organic garlic powder

  • spread on organic, raw, and sprouted pecan butter, add berries of choice, drizzle of organic raw honey, or a topping of organic raw bee pollen - if not allergic

  • avocado toast

  • allergen-friendly or A2 dairy cream cheese toast

  • PACHA french toast

  • feature PACHA bread in a charcuterie board

  • top with a simple pesto spread, slice of A2 dairy cheese, or buffalo milk mozzarella

  • your go-to sandwich creation

I like to heat my PACHA bread in the oven beforehand - gives it a kick and a nice crisp! You can use a toaster!

( use discount code: PWP20 at check out for your specially curated order )

What will you create?

how to beat the buzzwords

A simple habit you can create is to be mindful of the items you are grabbing at the grocery store and what you drop into your cart. Your eyes go straight to the bolded words: "gluten-free, vegan, plant-based, artificial-free, preservative-free, all-natural" - thinking its free-from harmful elements. These marketing tactics can also translate to highly processed. The best advice I can share is to head straight to the ingredients label. This is where the information truly lies - what you will be bringing into your body. The organic and GMO Project Verified labels are a great addition, but that can also refer to Organic Soybean Oil, Organic Canola Oil, Organic Artificial Sweeteners, Organic Artificial Flavorings, etc. You have the power to control what goes into your cart, your home, onto your family's plate.

convenience doesn't have to compromise health

My purpose is to help rewire your brain to view food as information, not just calories. Once you truly start to understand what food is to you and your body, you only want to eat the right information. This is how you can enhance your nutritional wisdom. By learning to switch the mindset of "I can't have," my purpose is to encourage you that yes, you can by offering you with the nutritionally superior replacements. Welcome to my growing vision of showcasing the platform to what you can substitute in its place. No matter the age, dietary lifestyle, or culture, health is suitable for all.

Let's learn together.


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