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what information are you feeding your cells?

Updated: Jan 21

Cells…They know your thoughts and feelings. They feed off the information you provide them with, then direct the body to vote for health or create illness.

Learn to become your own healer by the tools you have available. Health begins at the cellular level. Medical-grade red light therapy can be used as a tool reach, penetrate, and revive the damaged and dying cells. A direct hit to the mitochondria.

“Motivation comes and goes. Habits are consistent.”

What breaks down the mitochondria? Stress in all forms. Oxidative stress decreases ATP production, impairs the health of tissues, and causes inflammation - leading to nerve degeneration. What results? Aging, illness and dysfunction.

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Total Body Benefits: Inside-Out

• Skin: promotes collagen, reduces acne, inflammation, wrinkles & fine lines

• Recovery: cell rejuvenation increases blood flow, & decreases inflammation

• Sleep: Improves circadian rhythm, increases melatonin, and reduces cortisol in the evening

• Healing: delivers more oxygen and nutrients to repair from within

• Energy: Increases ATP

• Hair growth

• Alzheimer’s, anxiety & depression

• Nitric oxide (said to be the most important molecule for health)

• Improves hormonal health

• Improves hypothyroidism

• Helps combat the root cause of aging (oxidative stress)

…. To name a few

Medical-Grade Red Light Therapy is a valuable tool that helped me break the myth I was repeating to my cells: “I don’t have time for mindfulness, to relax, and sit still to just breathe. That’s not productive.”

This is a versatile tool that can be personalized for you, your body and your lifestyle.

Ideas you may try with your red light:

• run it during a sweat session

• chillin’ with a cup of organic coffee

• posted up on your work desk

• reading a book at night before bed

It only takes 10-minutes to reawaken, repair and rejuvenate your cells in the comfort of your home. How will you incorporate your red-light device into your routine?

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